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Statewide Election Countdown

June 12th 2018
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ID Required For Voting In North Dakota

Requirements for Identification

Identification must include the voter’s:

  • Name
  • Current residential street address
  • Date of birth

 Valid Forms of Identification:

Voting in-person requires a North Dakota:

  • Current driver’s license or non-driver’s identification card
  • Tribal government issued identification
  • Long-term care certificate (provided by ND facility)
  • Voter's Affidavit

Voting absentee or by mail requires a: 

  • North Dakota form of identification listed above
  • Military ID – Only for uniformed service or family member stationed away from North Dakota residence.
  • Passport – Only for North Dakota residents outside the United States.
  • Attester – An applicant without a valid form of identification may use an attester. The attester must provide his or her name, North Dakota driver’s license, non-driver’s, or tribal identification number, and sign the absentee/mail ballot application form to attest to the applicant’s North Dakota residency and voting eligibility.
  • Voter's Affidavit
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