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Absentee / Vote-By-Mail Ballot and Early Voting Numbers  
Total Absentee Ballots Sent 6,474         
Total Absentee Ballots Returned 5,876         
Percentage of Absentee Ballots Returned 90.76 %
Total Vote-By-Mail Ballots Sent 35,505         
Total Vote-By-Mail Ballots Returned 29,590         
Percentage of Vote-By-Mail Ballots Returned 83.34 %
Total Absentee / Vote-By-Mail Ballots Sent (Statewide) 41,979         
Total Absentee / Vote-By-Mail Ballots Returned (Statewide) 35,466         
Percentage of Absentee / Vote-By-Mail Ballots Returned 84.49 %
Early Voting Turnout 10,295         
Total Ballots Cast prior to Election Day 45,761